Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 6 and counting

So today is day three of the changes I am making to my food choices. I have to say I am not so keen on black coffee. I am assured that this will change the longer I can go.  It has been a tough few days and I have had a couple of close calls. Especially as plans needed to be adjusted to fit family. I managed to be strong enough to get through the cravings though and with the help of some salted nuts managed to make it through to a late lunch one day.

I was really surprised on day 3 when I just wasn't hungry. Just the thought of eating at lunchtime made me feel ill. So I had to skip a meal.

I watched 'That Sugar Film' today. There have been so many people and sites that have espoused the health benefits of removing sugar from the choices. It is amazing just how many things it is in though. I have been struggling to find alternative snack items that don't contain some kind of sugar in them...argh!

Will keep looking. Hoping our friend Google will help out here. Having already found NZ Sugar Free I am now looking forward to lots of reading and research to find alternatives.

Moving right along! Roll on good health, more energy and clearer skin.

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